About the company

EnviroFALK is one of the top addresses in the German-speaking area as a whole, when it comes to water treatment for selected sectors of industry, commerce, hospitals, laboratories, and medical technology.

For almost 30 years, we have been developing and manufacturing innovative concepts and solutions for process water, pure water and ultra-pure water systems that now set new standards.

We have over 220 employees dedicate their expertise to serving nearly 15,000 customers – at present – who benefit from this expert knowledge on the production of pure water each day. In addition to systems and equipment, EnviroFALK also offers an extensive range of services.

First-hand, concentrated expertise

Users of our systems also appreciate the EnviroFALK experts’ meetings, where our customers can find out how to the various process technologies, if used by their companies, could significantly optimise their processes.

EnviroFALK branches:

•    EnviroFALK’s headquarters in Westerburg ‒ between Frankfurt/Main and Cologne
•    EnviroFALK’s branch in Berlin
•    EnviroFALK’s Cologne Branch
•    EnviroFALK’s Baden-Württemberg Branch in Oberndorf
•    EnviroFALK’s Bavaria Branch, near Munich
•    EnviroFALK’s Northern Branch in Hamburg
•    EnviroFALK’s Birkenfeld Branch
•    EnviroFALK’s Bielefeld Branch
•    EnviroFALK AG Swiss Branch in Cham