Reverse osmosis water for production of infusion solutions

The Saint Luke Foundation in Tanzania has been working to improve the supply of the population with medical treatment and pharmaceuticals for the past 20 years. The foundation offers professional support to hospitals with in-house production of infusion solutions, which is particularly vital for patients in rural hospitals.

Since 2008 the foundation has also provided a training course in a specially built school for Pharmaceutical Assistants and Technicians, which also aims to improve the provision of health care in the country. A new priority of the training provided are courses for experts from supervisory authorities, universities and other institutions on pharmaceutical technology.
Prof. Bernhard Köhler and his wife Päivi, a medic, have dedicated their lives to the foundation and to funding its projects.

We are pleased to be able to contribute towards the work of the Saint Luke Foundation and always look forward to the latest news on its progress from Bernhard Köhler: “Dear partners and colleagues at FALK, greetings from Moshi. The RO units in the hospitals are running very well. We are acutely aware on our long journeys to visit the hospitals that frequent error messages would have meant the end of the project… Kind regards, Bernd Koehler”.

Would you like to support the project?
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