Accessories for water softening systems



Description Item No.

Lack of salt alarm for monitoring the filling level of the salt tablets incl. potential free contact.

Consists of a capacitive sensor for attachment to the brine tank with connection to the GREEN-LINE controller.

Salt tablets for refilling the water softening unit in accordance with DIN EN 973.
Packaged in a 25 kg PE sack 340013
ssembly block incl. blending device for quick and easy connection and uninterrupted water supply in the event of failure of the softening unit. Reinforced hose for connection of the water softening unit. Brass block incl. valves, sampling cock, fine adjustment valve and bypass function, EPDM food grade hose incl. stainless steel wire shielding. Length 1000 mm, DN 25 340066
Hardness measuring equipment for determining the hardness of drinking water. Consists of a titrating solution with colour change incl. measuring vessel 340015
Particle filtration to protect downstream components against potential resin carryover. Consists of a 10” filter housing without pressure gauge incl. 1 μm filter cartridge 340016
Protection against germs/chlorine electrolysis for disinfection of the water softening resin during regeneration. Complete unit consisting of a T-piece 3/8" with wall mounting and mounting screws 340018