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EnviroFALK headquarter Westerburg
The EnviroFALK centre of excellence in Westerburg/Sainscheid in the picturesque Westerwald region has been the company’s headquarters since 1994. All of the company’s core departments are located here. From development to production, including sales and service – we implement water treatment solutions every day.

On top of that, our experts are responsible for the professional regeneration and treatment of depleted ion exchanger resin with one of Europe's most advanced regeneration stations. These resins are used in a wide variety of applications for water demineralisation and partial demineralisation.

EnviroFALK GmbH
Gutenbergstraße 7
56457 Westerburg
Tel. +49 2663 9908-0
Fax +49 2663 9908-50

EnviroFALK Berlin Branch
EnviroFALK’s branch in Berlin sets high standards when it comes to service and sales being close to our customers, providing professional advice, fast response times and ensuring customer proximity. Of course the regeneration of ion exchange cartridges of all common makes includes our pick-up and delivery service. We also offer repairs and regular maintenance for systems made by other manufacturers.

EnviroFALK Niederlassung Berlin
Helmholtzstraße 2 – 9
Gebäude 2/Aufgang F/EG
10587 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 23256797-0
Fax +49 2663 9908-50

EnviroFALK Cologne branch
The EnviroFALK Cologne branch takes care of the regeneration of ion exchange resins, from ion exchange cartridges of all common makes to 60 litre drums and even 500 litre containers. When the ion exchange resins are exhausted, they will be collected by our EnviroFALK regeneration truck and regenerated at our regeneration station, strictly separated by type and industry. You get your ion exchangers back in no time thanks to our timely and uncomplicated service. The branch is also a salt wholesale distributor and able to supply your water softeners with regeneration salt (evaporated salt) in crushed and tablet form, in compliance with DIN EN 973.

EnviroFALK Niederlassung Köln
Herseler Strasse 3
50389 Wesseling
Tel. +49 2236 38458-0
Fax +49 2236 38458-29


EnviroFALK Baden-Württemberg Branch
EnviroFALK’s Baden-Württemberg branch in Oberndorf provides an extensive range of services. This includes the regeneration of ion exchange cartridges of all common makes and our handy pick-up and delivery service. We also offer competent consultation as well as optimum availability of consumables and spare parts and comprehensive service ‒ and we are never far away.

EnviroFALK Niederlassung Baden-Württemberg
Am Wald 9
78727 Oberndorf
Tel. +49 7423 2111
Fax +49 7423 2191

EnviroFALK Bavaria Branch
The EnviroFALK Bavaria branch near Munich is the place to call for anything to do with complete and partial water demineralisation. If, for example, you ion exchangers are depleted, we can exchange all common makes with our handy pick-up and delivery service. We also have experienced service technicians on hand to take care of your water treatment equipment ‒ including for third-party equipment, of course. The EnviroFALK Bavaria branch provides competent consultation, professional distribution and focused all-round service with rapid response times, close customer proximity, and high availability of consumables and spare parts.

EnviroFALK Niederlassung Bayern
Am Laffgraben 8
85778 Haimhausen
Tel. +49 8133 444877
Fax +49 8133 444879

EnviroFALK Northern Branch
Professional application consulting, reliable timing, immaculate work and close proximity to our customers in northern Germany: Top quality advice and service is multi-faceted. After all, when it comes to water treatment equipment it isn’t just a matter of technology, but also of reliability and trust. Of course, this includes the regeneration of ion exchange cartridges of all common makes and our handy pick-up and delivery service. Also, the ion exchangers are regenerated at our own regeneration station in Hamburg.

EnviroFALK Niederlassung Nord
Walter-Schmedemann-Straße 1 A
22419 Hamburg
Tel. +49 40 507998-0
Fax +49 40 507998-29

EnviroFALK Birkenfeld Branch
The EnviroFALK Birkenfeld branch has been the place to call when it comes to the regeneration of ion exchanger systems for special applications in tool manufacturing, in electroplating and metal surface treatment ever since 1995. The regeneration service we offer includes, for example, the regeneration of ion exchangers to maintain the dielectric liquid in spark erosion and wire erosion machines in the tool and die industry. We also regenerate ion exchangers that are used for recirculation of rinse water in electroplating and metal surface treatment. In addition to this our experts also perform regeneration of selective ion exchangers for supplying compact wastewater treatment plants. EnviroFALK’s Birkenfeld branch also has many years of experience in the field of groundwater purification measures such as the reduction of heavy metals.

EnviroFALK Niederlassung Birkenfeld
Panoramastraße 65
75217 Birkenfeld
Tel. +49 7231 9498-30/31
Fax +49 7231 471233

EnviroFALK Regeneration Service Bielefeld
EnviroFALK’s regeneration & service centre in Bielefeld offers comprehensive all-round service with a professional logistics concept that ensures that spare parts and consumables get to where they are needed as quickly as possible. Our trained service technicians can also be on site quickly, if required. Uncompromising service, to ensure that your water treatment system keeps running to your complete satisfaction. Our convenient pick-up and delivery service makes ion exchanger handling easy and convenient for users in the Bielefeld region. Of course, the Bielefeld branch also offers our regeneration service for all brands of ion exchangers. Enjoy professional advice and reliable service.

EnviroFALK GmbH
Regenerations-Service Bielefeld
Paderborner Straße 315/4
33689 Bielefeld
Tel. +49 5205 9009885
Fax +49 5205 9009887

EnviroFALK AG Swiss Branch
EnviroFALK Switzerland, as a distribution and service company, offers the full range of products and services for water treatment from EnviroFALK. Exclusively and in close proximity to our customers in Switzerland: From advice on application and services to regeneration of your ion exchangers, our specialists ensure consistently high water quality.

Gewerbestrasse 5
6330 Cham
Tel. +41 41 740 44 14
Fax  +41 41 740 44 15


Enviro Group
In addition to EnviroFALK’s own sites, our specialists cooperate closely with the German and foreign companies in the Enviro corporate network.

Sales and service centres:

Industrial effluent treatment:

EnviroChemie GmbH
In den Leppsteinswiesen 9
64380 Rossdorf bei Darmstadt
Tel. +49 6154 6998-0
Fax +49 6154 6998-11