EnviroFALK’s values

What matters to us

Long-term partnerships
EnviroFALK supports its customers as a reliable partner throughout the entire system life cycle. We think ahead and consider the wishes and needs of our customers. To ensure this, we offer maximum customer benefit, top quality as well as innovative technology.

Living out our values
EnviroFALK’s technology and services are characterised by innovation, durability and lower consumption of resources. Our work harmonises economic and ecological interests, reflecting our responsibility for the environment and for saving resources.

Respecting, challenging and supporting people
EnviroFALK values every one of its employees and promotes continuing professional development. We are dedicated to serving you. Your safety takes top priority in everything we do.

We treat each other with respect. We expect each member of staff to act independently and responsibly and to meet high performance standards in order to secure the company’s success.

Profitable working methods for both sides and effective employee development aim to ensure a high level of satisfaction for customers and employees alike.

At EnviroFALK we expect honesty, open communication and loyalty to our customers, suppliers and colleagues.

Socially and ethically correct behaviour which respects local laws form the basis for national and international cooperation in our company.

What matters to us