The history of EnviroFALK

We have had nothing but water on our mind for over 30 years

Sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday that we developed our first water treatment unit in a garage. A lot has happened since then! Essentially, our history can be summed up in a single word: progress

The most important milestones in our history:

1989 Establishment and introduction of the sectoral organisation
1990 Introduction of the segregated resin pool
1994 Establishment of our Swiss subsidiary
1998 Introduction of concepts for the treatment of rinsing water and for bath maintenance
2002 Extension of the company headquarters building in Westerburg
2006 Acquisition by EnviroChemie, resulting in an expansion of the product portfolio
2009 Expansion of the service organisation to include 24 h on-call availability
2012 Production of membrane units made of stainless steel
2013 Opening of the EnviroFALK Baden-Württemberg branch in Oberndorf in the Black Forest
2014 25 years of EnviroFALK: We celebrate the company’s first anniversary
2015 Construction of the new regeneration station for ion exchange resins
2016 Acquisition of Ovivo’s regeneration business in Birkenfeld Establishment of the ion exchanger regeneration service for special applications such as tool manufacturing
2016 Opening of the EnviroFALK branch in Berlin
2017 Commissioning of one of Europe's most advanced regeneration stations
2017 Acquisition of the ion exchange division of a well-known provider in tool and mould-making
2017 Acquisition of the Evoqua sales and service office near Munich. Opening of the EnviroFALK Bavaria branch
2017 Acquisition of AW Abwasser-Wasser-Technik GmbH in Hamburg from Mr Arno Willers and change of the company name to EnviroFALK GmbH Niederlassung Nord
2018 Opening of the EnviroFALK Nordrhein-Westfalen branch
2018 A very special year: 30 years of EnviroFALK!
2019 Opening of the EnviroFALK branch in Bielefeld
2020 Acquisition of the customer relations from WWV Kraft in Höchstadt