Ion exchange

No salt, please!

In water treatment, dissolved salts are removed from the water by ion exchange. The ion exchange process is often used for water softening, partial demineralisation and demineralisation.

The conditioning of process water, boiler feed water, rinsing water, pure and ultra-pure water is often performed using combinations of processes together with ion exchange. Depending on which ions need to be exchanged, a distinction is made between cation exchange, anion exchange and mixed bed ion exchange. Once these ion exchange resins are depleted, EnviroFALK’s experts regenerate the resins in our cutting-edge in-house regeneration station. More information on the EnviroFALK regeneration service

Alternatively, ion exchange can also be performed by electrodeionisation (EDI), where the ions are constantly regenerated by an electrical field. More information on electrodeionisation (EDI) process technology

EnviroFALK Ion exchange