Original spare parts and consumables

EnviroFALK spare parts and consumables ensure quality and safety

Top performance is required of water treatment systems on a day-by-day basis. Full functionality depends on the best possible coordination of all components. Benefit from top quality original EnviroFALK spare parts and consumables!

Do you want to ensure optimum availability of your water treatment system, while at the same time reducing your purchasing processes? EnviroFALK’s customer service department is happy to put economical packages of spare parts and consumables together for you.

All of the parts are, of course, perfectly tailored to the needs of each customers’ situation.

Regeneration service for industrial and commercial applicatio
If you are also interested in our regeneration service for ion exchange resins for industrial and commercial applications, then EnviroFALK customer service is the place to call. We also regenerate our mixed-bed resins for water demineralization separately, strictly segregated by application.

EnviroFALK Water treatment plant. Exemplary picture.
EnviroFALK Water treatment plant. Exemplary picture.