Brinke & Breuer: Water treatment for wire EDM machines

Brinke & Breuer: Water treatment for wire EDM machines
Brinke & Breuer uses AQUAformtech to produce deionised water and achieves accurate results in wire erosion

Brinke & Breuer is a company that specialises in toolmaking, mechanical engineering and jig construction and makes complicated components and parts for production lines, assembly jigs and measuring devices. A suitable solution was needed to supply Brinke & Breuer’s new wire EDM machine with treated water.

EnviroFALK’s experts came up with a convincing solution with AQUAformtech water treatment equipment. The ion exchanger, which is integrated in a special transport rack, does away with the need for cartridges to be changed. The operating life is much longer than with conventional mixed bed ion exchangers.

Ulrich Berief, Product Manager at EnviroFALK: Deionised water is crucial for electrical discharge machining processes as a cooling and flushing medium, as it is needed for the wire eroder to produce complicated geometrical shapes accurately. But treated water isn’t only needed for the dielectric, it also protects the wire eroding machine against deposits, preventing potential system downtime and production losses and providing lasting protection for the system.”

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