Pure water for washer-disinfectors for endoscope reprocessors (RDG-E)

EnviroFALK pure and ultra-pure water systems

EnviroFALK GREEN-LINE reverse osmosis complete HS. Exemplary representation.
EnviroFALK GREEN-LINE reverse osmosis complete HS. Exemplary representation.

Critical applications in the healthcare sector call for extremely low bacteria concentrations. In comparison to most surgical instruments ‒ which are sterilised by thermal disinfection and sterilisation ‒ endoscope decontamination faces the disadvantage that endoscopes are thermolabile. This means that they are unable to withstand temperatures above 60 °C, making thermal treatment or sterilisation impossible.

The best way of treating endoscopes are thus chemical disinfection cycles, after which the endoscopes are rinsed with pure water. This removes all cleaning agent and disinfectant residues, preventing deposits or corrosion of the sensitive instruments.

With its newly developed water treatment system, EnviroFALK caters to the specific requirements of clinics, hospitals and doctors' surgeries.

Thanks to its small footprint and ease of installation, this water treatment system is easy to integrate and ensures water quality that meets the necessary standards.

The water quality is specified in DIN EN ISO 15883 Washer-disinfectors ‒ Part 4: Requirements and tests for washer-disinfectors employing chemical disinfection for thermolabile endoscopes, which calls for feed water with a specific microbiological load.
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