Water recycling plants

The use of water recycling plants ensures a sustainable supply of water. Complete, integrated solutions for water recycling drastically reduce the amount of water required. Preheating also reduces the energy consumption. At the same time, the amount of expensively treated water that is discharged into the natural water cycle is also reduced. EnviroFALK develops solutions for water recycling plants that use resources efficiently and are cost-effective.

Examples of factors that influence the efficient use of a water recycling plant:

  • Cut water and wastewater prices
  • Comply with legal restrictions
  • Compensate for fluctuations in feed water quality
  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduce the use of chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly solution
EnviroFALK Water recycling plant. Exemplary picture.
EnviroFALK Water recycling plant. Exemplary picture.