Cartridge filter

Sediment filter. To get rid of what shouldn’t be there.

EnviroFALK cartridge filter
EnviroFALK cartridge filter

Cartridge filters, also called candle filters or fine filters, are non-backwashable protective filters. Cartridge filters are used to filter water contaminants, such as small particles of solid matter, rust particles and grains of sand, out of the water. Cartridge filters have a porous filter medium. The impurities are retained in the labyrinth or on the surface of the wound or thermally bonded fibres.

Cartridge filters need to be replaced at regular intervals, depending on the quality of the raw water. Cartridge filters consist of a filter housing and one or more cartridges inserted in the housing. The cartridges can have different structures. As well as the so-called wound cartridges (depth filter), which consist of a single wound thread of synthetic or natural material, there are also filter cartridges with a membrane filter structure (surface filter).

EnviroFALK cartridge filters are available

  • in various sizes,
  • flow capacities and materials