Put an end to carbonate hardness

Decarbonisation units remove hydrogen carbonates of calcium and magnesium (also called carbonate hardness, carbonate alkalinity, and temporary hardness) dissolved in the water.

Decarbonisation units have weakly acidic ion exchange resins in the H form, which bind cations, calcium and magnesium to the ion exchange mass, whilst the hydrogen carbonate anion decomposes into carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide (CO2) generated by the decomposition can be expelled from the water in a degassing tower installed downstream using air. The depleted ion exchange resin is regenerated with hydrochloric acid.


EnviroFALK decarbonisation units are available

  • in various sizes,
  • flow capacities and materials
  • as individual units or dual systems


EnviroFALK decarbonisation unit
EnviroFALK decarbonisation unit