EnviroFALK experts’ meeting

First-hand, bundled expertise

At the EnviroFALK experts’ meetings series of events, experienced speakers impart valuable knowledge on all aspects of using water intelligently.

Attendees at the experts’ meetings and other seminars and technical meetings, gain valuable information about the process technologies and how to optimise their own in-house processes.

The wide range of topics dealt with include:
Membrane technologies and filtration techniques

  • DI water treatment and recirculation
  • Rinse water treatment
  • Recycling of process baths
  • Electro-deionisation (EDI)
  • Intelligent recirculation of DI rinsing water

The EnviroFALK experts’ meetings are held at our centre of excellence in Westerburg. In addition to these meetings, other seminars are also held at a number of other venues around Germany.

EnviroFALK Experten-Treff