Regeneration of ion exchanger

EnviroFALK regeneration service of ion exchanger and resins

 EnviroFALK regeneration service: for optimum water quality

Guaranteed segregated regeneration! Totally demineralised water (DI water) is frequently treated using ion exchangers and is a decisive quality factor for a wide variety of processes.

To ensure maximum quality and reliability, EnviroFALK strictly separates industry-specific mixed-bed resins by application. Additionally, these high-quality and regenerable resins can be used multiple times and have a long service life.

EnviroFALK’s regeneration service offers you tangible benefits:

  • Regeneration of all common makes.
  • Every batch is checked for conductivity, capacity and TOC in our own laboratory and verified with an official test certificate as part of our quality assurance process.
  • Regeneration includes collection of the depleted ion exchange cartridges on site, cleaning and refilling with freshly regenerated, segregated resin as well as free delivery to your door by the time and date specified.
  • If requested, we will also chemically disinfect the ion exchange cartridges before they are refilled.
  • If you have high peaks in demand, we will deliver the regenerated ion exchange resins in drums or barrels.

For further information, visit: EnviroFALK ion exchange process technology.