Metal cleaning

Treated water for metal-processing companies

EnviroFALK reverse osmosis for the metal industry.
EnviroFALK reverse osmosis for the metal industry.

Typical tasks performed by metal-processing companies include drilling, milling, turning and welding, which at first sight may not have much to do with water treatment, but treated water is crucial for metal cleaning.

Typical applications include:

  • General metal cleaning
  • Prolonging the service life of drilling and cutting emulsions
  • Cleaning of vibratory grinding water
  • Treatment of cutting water for high pressure water cutting units
  • Treatment of rinsing water
  • Treatment and disinfection of degreasing baths

Metal cleaning often calls for demineralised water desalinated by ion exchange or reverse osmosis. The use of demineralised water has numerous benefits. Systems can be better cooled and lubricated, tools and cutting emulsions have a longer life, and bacterial growth and corrosion are minimised.