Process water

Industrial process water produced by EnviroFALK water treatment systems

EnviroFALK process water treatment
EnviroFALK process water treatment

Industrial processes often require specially conditioned water or steam, referred to by specialists as process water.

This includes water that is used for product manufacturing, for cleaning or as an auxiliary fluid for heating or cooling processes, e.g. pure water, boiler feed water or cooling water.

Raw water obtained from drinking or well water as well as surface water and bank filtrate can be used to produce process water. Using carefully coordinated processing techniques such as filtration, softening, ion exchange, membrane processes etc. the process water can be ideally conditioned for the specific application in question. The quality requirements for process water vary, depending on the industry. Criteria such as particulate content, hardness, salinity as well as organic and microbiological contamination are often decisive factors in favour of investing in an EnviroFALK water treatment unit.

Also, the conditioned process water is much too valuable for it to only be used once. Thanks to economical the EnviroFALK recirculation technology the water can be fed back into the process, which not only reduces water consumption and decreases environmental impact, but also increases system efficiency in the long term.