Process water treatment for tool and mould-making

Process water treatment for tool and mould-making

Deionised water (as a dielectric) is crucial for electrical discharge machining processes as a cooling and flushing medium. It's essential so that the eroder can accurately produce complicated geometrical shapes.

In its AQUAformtech product line, EnviroFALK develops water treatment systems that are precisely designed to meet the requirements of tool and mould-making.

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AQUAform/AQUAform plus:

For supplying wire eroding machines with consistently high-quality water, the medium is constantly passed over high quality ion exchange resins in a closed circuit, where it is deionised, or desalinated. Upstream and downstream filter systems (optional) as well a standard conductivity meter featuring an LED traffic light design ensure a high degree of operational safety.


In addition to the functions of the AQUAform/AQUAform plus, the AQUAform PST contains an integrated pumping station, which guarantees high flow rates in bypass mode, ensuring optimum desalination at all times, even if the dielectric liquid is under high load.


A central reverse osmosis system with a closed housing design for supplying process water to erosion and milling machines.

EnviroFALK water treatment equipment guarantees tangible benefits for the tool and mould-making industry:

  • Precise production results thanks to an optimum dielectric
  • Consistently high DI water quality
  • Long service lives of the high-quality ion exchange resins
  • Simple replacement thanks to our exchange service
  • High potential savings due to innovative engineering technology
  • Individual or central supply of small, medium or large peaks in demand
  • Customised and application-specific plant engineering