Rinse water treatment

Efficient rinse water treatment for the very best washing results

EnviroFALK rinse water treatment
EnviroFALK rinse water treatment

Rinse water treatment with recirculation allows users to use large amounts of water at high temperature and thus to optimise the washing results while at the same time cutting costs. Final rinsing with DI water results in a consistently high quality of the products being cleaned.

Whether the rinse water treatment is performed in an open or a closed circuit depends primarily on the washing process (multi chambered or single-chamber systems) as well as on the components to be cleaned.

Open systems are are the perfect solution if recycling is technically unfeasible and indirect discharge is possible. The great advantage of rinse water treatment with recirculation, in contrast to open systems, where the water is discharged after a single use, is that increased water quantity and water temperature improve washing results due to better detachment and solubility of deposits without increasing costs.