EnviroFALK is happy to assist you with calls for tenders

We are happy to assist you with calls for tenders for pure and ultra-pure water systems for hospitals, laboratory and medical technology applications.

Our success is based on precision. We will be pleased to assist you in a speedy and targeted manner with comprehensive, detailed service specifications, in GAEB format if you wish. We make pure and ultra-pure water systems exactly according to the application requirements. For this, we will draw up the technical details, conceptual drawings and flow charts, either in 3D or 2D drawing format with the associated design calculations.

What makes EnviroFALK's water treatment installations so special is that our water treatment systems are made entirely in-house, be it a compact standard system or a customised installation. If required, we can also handle correct installation and commissioning of your new pure or ultra-pure water treatment system on site, from water conditioning to reverse osmosis, electrodeionisation, ion exchange, to pure and ultra-pure water treatment systems for supplying individual workplaces. Of course, we are also happy to take care of your turnkey projects, including complex piping installation.