Water treatment for electroplating applications

Clean water for a perfect surface finish

We come into contact with perfectly finished surfaces every day ‒ car parts, shining ball pen embellishments, sink taps to name but a few ‒ thanks to functional and decorative electroplating and metal finishing applications.

Conditioned water plays a vital role when it comes to meeting the high quality requirements of electroplating applications. It is used for preparing chemical baths, for main and fine rinses, and for compensating carryover, spray and evaporation losses.

For electroplating applications, EnviroFALK develops special water treatment systems for the production and the recirculation of DI water and rinsing water. These systems use various combinations of processes such as membrane and in-depth filtration, reverse osmosis and ion exchange.

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EnviroFALK water treatment equipment guarantees tangible benefits for electroplating:

• Perfect surface finishing
• Long service life of chemical/process baths
• Lower operating costs thanks to optimised water and power consumption
• Ressource-saving and environmentally friendly