Water treatment for industrial medical technology

Pure and ultra-pure water for maximum operational safety

Manufacturing processes for surgical instruments, implants and medical supplies are subject to high hygienic standards. The water quality is critical at every stage of the process, from intermediate cleansing through to final cleaning to ensure that it is free of residues.

EnviroFALK develops water treatment systems that are precisely designed to meet the requirements for medical technology. Besides the electrical conductivity and the TOC value, our specialists pay particular attention to parameters such as microbes, germs and endotoxins.

Using activated carbon, ion exchangers and particle filtration, including ultrafiltration, the ultrapure water is continuously recycled. Any germs are killed by UV radiation and removed from the water by ultrafiltration.

Our specialty:
To meet the high requirements of medical technology, the ion exchangers are only regenerated in a separate resin pool for each type of resin. For sensitive applications we can make your water purification unit in a mobile clean room, if required. Virtually free of particles. In PVDF pipes, IR or BCF welded.

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EnviroFALK water treatment equipment guarantees tangible benefits for the medical technology industry:

  • Optimum flushing thanks to highest water purity
  • Considerable savings in operational costs due to circulation technology
  • Low water and power consumption
  • A special “Medical technology” resin pool
  • PP or PVDF piping with minimised dead space
  • Production in our mobile clean room possible on request