Water treatment for power generation

Boiler water treatment

Boilers need consistently high quality water for heating, process steam generation and electricity generation by steam turbines. On the one hand, it is important to avoid scaling, deposits and corrosion causing malfunctions or even resulting in downtime. Secondly, conditioned boiler feed water decreases blowdown losses while increasing profitability and protecting the environment.

EnviroFALK develops water treatment systems that are precisely designed to suit the size, pressure stage and operating mode of your boiler and the relevant guidelines. A combined process encompassing filtration, water softening, reverse osmosis with electrodeionisation (EDI) or ion exchange is a prerequisite for the production of safe and economical boiler feed water.

We will, of course, happily take care of the treatment of your cooling water for perfect protection of your system and economical operation that is compliant with German Industry Standards VDI 2047-2, 6022 and 3803.

Special option:
if you so wish, we can integrate your water treatment system into a space-saving, mobile container. We also offer water treatment units for rent, if a water supply is needed during exceptional production peaks, maintenance downtime or while pilot tests are being performed.

Feel free to call our experts to discuss your needs!

EnviroFALK water treatment equipment guarantees tangible benefits for the power generation industry:

  • Safe and economical operation of boilers and cooling systems
  • Lower operating costs thanks to optimised water and power consumption
  • Individual system design, also available as a space-saving, mobile container unit on request
  • Equipment available to rent, as an option
  • System engineering and automation technology from a single source
  • Environmentally friendly demineralisation using membrane technology