Water treatment for the glass and solar industry

Pure water for crystal clear washing processes

Considerable amounts of water are needed for washing and treatment processes in the car glass, mirror and coating industry, by small and mid-sized manufacturers of insulating glass, tempered safety glass and laminated safety glass, as well as by silk screen and digital printing companies. Since the water's degree of pollution rises steadily during the production process, permanent water treatment is required.

EnviroFALK develops fresh and process water treatment solutions for glass processing companies. The special EnviroFALK circulation technology makes it possible to purify used water and to feed it back into the process. Technologies such as filtration, ultrafiltration, softening, reverse osmosis, ion exchange and electrodeionisation (EDI) guarantee a consistently high water quality. In addition to this, we cater for the treatment of your grinding and drilling water with flocculation processes or direct filtration.

DI water for solar cell production
The solar industry benefits from EnviroFALK's process engineering expertise in water treatment for wafer and thin film production. Wafer production and the washing of cover glasses or carrier material require considerable amounts of DI water.

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EnviroFALK water treatment equipment guarantees tangible benefits for the glass and solar industry:

  • Optimum washing and treatment processes
  • A high degree of production safety
  • Energy- and cost-saving water recirculation
  • Highly optimised operating costs with regard to the overall water balance
  • Environmentally friendly demineralisation tanks to the use of membrane processes without chemicals
  • Tested, ready for connection and operation