Water treatment for the optics industry

Pure water for maximum product quality and efficient processes

The surfaces of optical components are subject to very strict quality requirements during the manufacturing process. The washing concept requires very precise coordination between the cleaning system, the chemicals used, the water treatment system and the sensitive optical components. Depending on the application, the process comprises various chemical baths and the associated rough rinsing, which is followed by the final treatment with ultra-pure water or DI water.

EnviroFALK develops water treatment units that are precisely tailored to meet the requirements of the optics industry. By using intelligent recirculation, the pure water for fine rinsing can be kept at a consistently high quality for use over and over again. This is ensured by various combinations of processes: Low electrical conductivity is achieved by softening, reverse osmosis and ion exchange. During recirculation, special adsorber resins remove organic contamination and UV lamps at wavelengths of 185 nm and 254 nm lower the TOC and germ content.

EnviroFALK is also capable of catering for highly sensitive applications:
If required, we can make your water purification unit in a mobile clean room. Virtually free of particles. In PVDF pipes, IR or BCF welded.

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EnviroFALK water treatment equipment guarantees tangible benefits for the optics industry:

  • Optimum cleaning results
  • Spotless drying
  • Long service lives for the chemical and rinsing baths
  • Lower operating costs thanks to high savings of water and energy
  • Optional: Production in our mobile clean room