Water treatment in the automotive industry

Pure water for compliance with cleanliness requirements

Automotive manufacturers and their suppliers need a specific process water quality for each stage of production. Metal products must be cleaned to remove residues very carefully between the different production processes, and DI water is required for rinsing during coating processes and for preparing cooling lubricants.

EnviroFALK designs water treatment units that are precisely tailored to meet the requirements of the automotive industry, for example rinsing water circulation systems allowing water quality to be improved considerably by means of reverse osmosis and ion exchange. Due to the use of pure water circulation systems, the final DI water rinsing step features a consistently high water quality. Microfiltration or ultrafiltration units remove dirt particles, oil and grease from the cleaning baths, allowing for longer bath life while reducing the volume of waste water to be disposed of.

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EnviroFALK water treatment equipment guarantees tangible benefits for the automotive industry:

  • Consistently high cleaning results
  • Optimum drying
  • Longer service life of chemical and rinsing baths
  • Lower operating costs
  • Resource-saving production processes