Why water treatment?

Treated water is more important than ever before

For the great majority of industries, water is one of the most precious and important natural resources.

Water is very diverse, for instance as process water, rinsing water for pool or bath care and maintenance, or as boiler feed water.

In hospitals and laboratories, on the other hand, pure and ultrapure water are needed for general and specific laboratory applications. Central sterile supply departments (CSSDs) with their washer disinfectors (WDs) need treated water for supplying autoclaves, sterilisers and laboratory washing machines. In addition to this, ultrapure water is needed in clinical diagnostics for supplying analytical equipment.

Depending on water analysis data, water consumption and process water requirements, different water treatment methods may be appropriate for different application purposes.

The specific possibilities offered by water treatment include filtration, ion exchange using our regeneration service, membrane technologies such as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, microfiltration and electrodeionisation (EDI).

Also, treated water is much too precious to be used only once. EnviroFALK’s recirculation technology enables resource-conserving in-process recirculation, increasing profitability and helping to protect the environment.